Juanes Proves He Is Anything but Mala Gente

Colombian singer, activist and heartthrob Juanes continues to raise awareness about the precarious working conditions for miners in Tumaco, Colombia. Tumaco is a town mainly known for the numerous mine causalities that take place there. Juanes welcomed the U.S. ship USNS Comfort on Sunday as part of an emergency medical mission. The USNS Comfort is a floating hospital that will offer medical attention to more than 10,000 Colombians who desperately need the care but cannot afford it. The ship will remain in Tumaco until June 16.

As if that wasn’t enough, Juanes also visited victims of the underground industry and performed a benefit concert for the cause. To learn more about Juanes’s social work and how you can get involved check out the website for his organization: Fundación Mi Sangre. Here's hoping that other Latino stars will follow in the footsteps of Juanes and Shakira in addressing issues of inequality in their countries!