EXCLUSIVE: Juan Pablo Di Pace Talks Major Twists in Second Half of 'Dallas' Season 3

Juan Pablo di Pace attends 'La Daga de Rasputin' premiere
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Dallas fans, are you ready?

The second half of season 3 kicks off tonight, and we've got the scoop on what's to come. Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays the ruthless Nicolas Trevino, stopped by our office to dish on what's next for his character and the rest of the Dallas crew. The Argentine actor also gave us a sneak peek into his new film, After the Reality.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Dallas is coming back for the second half of the season this month, where do we find Nicolas at this point?

Well, what we’ve seen so far is the development of this guy who we can’t quite picture if he’s good or not. He’s quite shady, but we haven’t quite seen to what extent. So the first episode back it’s really like full on, and we get the sense of who he really is and what he wants. It’s very dark. When I read the script for this episode — episode nine — I was like, “Oh my God. I’m a monster!” So it’s good. I can’t tell you exactly what happens, but it’s big turn of events. So it’s just a lot of fun. I mean, Nicholas is a lot of fun to play. But yeah, the second half of the season is heavy — what happens with Ewing Global and the company and selling the company, I’m in the center of all of that.

Okay. What can fans expect and be excited for? Are there any major reveals or big twists?

I mean it’s Dallas. Dallas invented the cliffhanger and the “Oh my God” moments back in the 80s and 90s so yeah, this season — especially this season — it’s very fiery and the reveals are huge. Like I said, there’s a big reveal in episode nine that has to do with my character and what he’s willing to do in order to get what he wants, which we kind of got a hint about in the last episode. We kind of got a sense of his mind, but in this one it’s pretty bad. Then towards the end of the season, it just gets worse and worse and worse. I’m just a piece of work. [Laughs]

And in terms of the rest of the characters, it’s a real kind of 180-degree season. Every character started a certain way and we all end completely different. Everybody. The character development this season has been amazing, so that’s really interesting for us and for the audience as well. Like Elena (Jordana Brewster), for example, she came into the season with just a pair of balls. But throughout the season she’s going, “Hold on a second. Do I really want to screw with these people who I grew up with?” And I’m going, “Yes you do! Yes you do!” But she’s going to get in the way, so that’s going to create a whole other drama.

Would you say Nicolas — he’s this pretty terrible person — but do you think somewhere in there he has a heart?

I don’t think he’s a terrible person. I think he’s incredibly ambitious but yeah, I think the one thing that’s true and real about him is his love for Elena. I think that is the core of his soul. Other than that, he’s pretty much willing to do anything to get what he wants. But Elena is his weakness. So in the future if they want to mess with him, they will have to mess with her.

Right, so he’s driven by this love. Would you say that defines him more as a human being?

Yeah. Love and family — I think for him those two things because he was an orphan when he was a kid and was taken in by the Ramos family, and he fell in love with her when he was a child and then he didn’t see her for a very long time. The fact that he never had a family and now he does have a family — he has two kids, a wife in Mexico — so throughout the season there’s always a threat to his family, to his kids, to Elena. So that is what really gets him. I would say the one thing that he won’t allow is the people he loves to get killed or to be in danger. But when they’re not part of his family he’s like, “I don’t care about you.”

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