EXCLUSIVE: Josh Segarra Talks ‘Sirens’ & Puerto Rican Heritage

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Segarra Talks ‘Sirens’ & Using His Native Tongue on the Show

You guys had a lot of chemistry on screen.

Yeah, and I think it only gets better. It only gets stronger, so that’s going to be pretty fun. I love working with Emily — she’s the best.

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Great! So you’re of Puerto Rican descent, and you’re fluent in Spanish. You got to speak and even sing in Spanish. What was that like?

It’s fun! I love getting that chance to be able to speak in my native tongue. I like doing that, and Bob [Fisher] (executive producer) is always really supportive. He told me verbatim, “Any chance you have when you can kind of just shout some stuff in Spanish — just do it.”

I love doing that stuff! Those little things that make it very personal. Those little things that make it very, very me. I get to bring a part of me into the character and a part of my culture into it, so that’s always really fun! Nobody else is speaking Spanish on the damn show, so I might as well try it a little bit.

And you’ve done musical theatre before, right?

Yeah I did. I did a Broadway show called Lysistrata Jones, and I did another off-Broadway show called Dog Fight at Second Stage. I grew up in the theatre. I grew up singing in church. I grew up singing at school. That’s how I started.

But it’s funny, because people have asked me to sing, but I’m not a singer. I know singers. I know people that can wail. I know people with one-of-a-kind voices. My mom thinks I’m the best singer in the world, and my aunts think I’m Andrea Bocelli. They think I’m a stud. But that’s as far as that goes, I like to keep that in the rear. I can hold a few notes, and I can sell it. But, it’s not what I lead with. Any chance I get on the show to sing a jingle, I will. That’s what’s fun about singing to me —  making people laugh with it. 

Now what do you like to do in your free time when you’re not so busy?

I’m kind of a hermit crab. I was laughing, because [the cast] was all watching the premiere, and everyone was sending pictures to each other. So, everybody is at a party, and my picture was me, my girl, my sister and my dog!

I like to be at home. I’m watching The Wire right now — that’s my project! I have to get through all five seasons of that. Other than that, I’m kind of a chill dude. Going out gets you in trouble, you know? I like to be out of trouble. I like to stay home and chill.

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