EXCLUSIVE: Josh Segarra Talks ‘Sirens’ & Puerto Rican Heritage


Fans of USA Network's hit show Sirens will immediately recognize Josh Segarra.

The boricua actor plays loveable cop Billy Cepeda on the show about three EMT Paramedics (and a few police officers!) who save lives throughout the Chicagoland area — despite their crude sense of humor.

We chatted with Segarra about Billy's blossoming romance on season two of the show, his upcoming Judd Apatow project, and more. Check it out below: 

Your character on the show is really funny and free spirited. Would you say you’re anything like your character?

Am I? Yeah, I think so. My friends would say I’m pretty similar to Billy. I think the closest I am to him is when I’m talking to my dog, or when I’m home by myself with my wife you know, or with my family. That’s when I’m closest to him, because I’m free. I can say all the dumb things I want to say, and no one’s going to judge me for them. So, it’s kind of like — I guess I use him as a little escape. I get to be a little aloof which is always fun. But, I think my friends that know me best probably don’t think he’s funny at all on screen. They’re like, “Dude that’s just you — you yapping away up there.”

Your character has been dating Theresa’s sister. Is there a serious relationship brewing?

I think the best part about it is that you’re going to see how Billy acts in a relationship. You’re going to see what he struggles with, and you’re going to see what he likes about it. I think he’s a relationship guy. He’s so soft and he’s so tender. He’s warm. He just wants the best for Maeve.

He’s head over heels for Maeve. The girl that plays her — Emily Peterson — is just the best. She’s really funny, really smart, and a great actress. She’s become a good friend of mine in real life, so it’s been really fun to be able to act together. [It's been fun] to develop that relationship, and see how it affects Theresa and everybody else. 

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