Josh Duhamel's Totally Busted!

When we reported the rumors about Josh Duhamel cheating on wife Fergie with a stripper last week, we thought there was a slight chance (like, one percent) that they might be false. But the evidence is piling up, and Josh rushed to be by Fergie's side as soon as the bombshell allegations hit the tabloids.

Fergie is standing by her man—for now—but who knows what's going to happen between the hunky actor and the Black Eyed Pea? Friends of the pop star say that she's either in denial or she really trusts her man. A source told Us Weekly, "Fergie says nothing is wrong. Every time I ask her how married life is, she says, 'Awesome!'" Another adds, "Josh told her it didn't happen, and she believes him."

Fergie's love seems to be blind, but we wonder how long that is going to hold up. Romin Alavi, the lawyer for stripper Nicole Forrester, says that his client passed a lie detector test and has sexy text messages from the actor. He even claims that Forrester did not seek out the Enquirer but, rather, it was the other way around: "Josh bragged about what happened on the set of his movie Life As We Know It, and someone called the Enquirer with the tip,” Alavi claims. "The Enquirer then came to Nicole."

The worst part of the story is the laundry list of women who have come forward since Forrester went public claiming to have had flings with the Tranformers star. But Duhamel seems to have the support of Fergie and her friends. "We know the story is bulls--t," says Taboo, Fergie's Black Eyed Peas bandmate. "When you're as famous as Fergie and Josh, people are going to say stuff."