EXCLUSIVE: Jordana Brewster Talks 'Lethal Weapon' & the Pressure of Others' Latino Standards

Jordana Brewster Lethal Weapon Exclusive Interview
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Prepare to welcome Jordana Brewster to your Wednesday nights!

The Brazilian and Panamanian beauty is starring in Fox's newest series, Lethal Weapon. Based on the hit movie franchise of the same name, Lethal Weapon stars Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs and Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh. The two detectives meet and immediately realize they're a bit of an odd couple — Riggs with his diving in head first in the line of fire approach to things and Mutaugh being more by-the-book. Their first case sends them on a high-speed chase and a shootout with drug dealers that leaves them realizing they may have found more that just a partner in each other, they've also discovered a true friendship.

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Brewster play Maureen Cahill, an LAPD psychologist who has to work hand-in-hand with Riggs and Murtaugh. We caught up with the 36-year-old actress to get the full scoop on her character, talk about why she won't be returning for Fast 8, what it was like having to do Furious 7 without Paul Walker, the pressures of not feeling Latina enough and trying to live up to the standards other people place on Latinos, and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Tell us about your character Maureen Cahill.

Maureen — I call her Cahill, I don’t feel like a “Mo” — she’s the LAPD psychologist. For me, it’s really interesting because I get to stand back and analyze these guys who are very closed off and have to deal with such incredibly tense situations, and I try to access their emotions. I’m also one of the hostage negotiators. They also go to me a lot when they have to try to analyze different criminals. It’s a really fun character so far!

What do you like most about playing a character like Maureen?

Often times I’m the female energy of a piece and I’m sort of very grounding, and I actually like that she has to be a little tough because she is in the LAPD so she can’t be this sort of wallflower. I like that I have to up my game in that sense, and that’s sort of challenging for me.

Were you a fan of the movies?

I was. I remember watching them when I was a kid. I didn’t go back to watch them because I thought that would be a little bit intimidating for me and I didn’t want that in the back of my head as we were shooting, but I was a huge fan!

How will this series differ from the films?

I think Clayne [Crawford] and Damon [Wayans] bring a new flavor to it. Their chemistry is so strong and so unique. The format of television is so different in that you have to come a new story line every week and have fresh characters introduced, so I think the format itself brings something different.

You're not one to shy away from action, having done projects like the Fast and Furious franchise. What attracts you most when taking on roles in this particular genre?

I don’t know! I think it’s funny. Maybe it’s the fact I get to vicariously be a part of the action through doing it in film and television, because I’m not really a dare devil in [real] life. I’m kind of a little bit of a nerd and a homebody. I think I enjoy doing it when I work. That’s how I have fun!

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