Hey, Comic Book Lovers: John Leguizamo's Got You Covered

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Calling all comic book lovers!

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John Leguizamo took to Instagram over the weekend to announce that he has something in store for those attending New York City Comic Con in October. His announcement let fans and followers know that he’ll be debuting a comic book he wrote at this year’s convention. The photo’s caption read: “My 1st comic will be released that week and I will be there in person to sign!”



My 1st comic will be released that week and I will b there in person to sign!

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Although it's Colombian actor’s first actual comic book, he published an autobiographical graphic novel in 2015 titled “Ghetto Klown.” Luckily, he had the help of veteran comic book creator and fellow latino Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez to bring this new project together.

According to Remezcla.com, the two met at Comic Con a few years back and were Latinos with interest in the genre is what brought them together. “He said to me, ‘¿Tú eres Latino?’ To that, I replied, ‘Sí, yo soy Boricua.’ Then, we exchanged numbers. He then texted me soon after asking me if I knew anyone that could help him make a comic book. I responded, ‘ME!'” Miranda-Rodriguez told the media outlet.

The specifics of the comic book will remain under wraps until the convention in October, but there’s no doubt that it will center around the Latinx experience. “John’s art has always celebrated and advocated for our narrative. Our stories. As an established and outspoken activist, he still sees the power to produce,” Miranda-Rodriguez praised. “Given the accessibility that comic books have, his story translates beautifully to the sequential art.”

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Now it’s just a waiting game until October when we can finally get our hands on it!