This Is What Happens in Vegas When Latino Celebs Cover 'Paper' Magazine


It’s Paper magazine for the win.

The publication hit fans with serious eye candy in the form of their special edition Las Vegas issue, featuring four covers with Latino stars:

Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys (hey, Howie!) and Ricky Martin.

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What happened to whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? I guess the rules don't apply here.

Check out the covers and images.

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1. Mariah Carey covers Paper magazine

Instagram/Mariah Carey

There’s a reason we’re so “obsessed” with Mariah Carey.

2. Adjust your crown, queen!

Instagram/Mariah Carey
Mimi’s Vegas show, #1 to Infinity, featured 18 of her No. 1 hits.

3. Count on Mimi to serve face.

Instagram/Mariah Carey

You know muva loves her diamonds!

4. Ricky Martin covers Paper magazine

Instagram/Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin’s All In show in Vegas ends Sept 23, 2017.

5. Ricky x fur are perfect together.

Instagram/Ricky Martin

The “Lola Lola” singers looks like a model in this shot!

6. Model behavior.

Instagram/Ricky Martin

Ricky was a cutie as a young boy in Menudo and he’s still a hottie now.

7. Jennifer covers Paper magazine

Jennifer Lopez’s All That I Have show serves costumes and cardio.







8. See you in Vegas.


Jenny from the Block grew up and you will deal with it.

9. Competition is none.

The “Ni Tú Ni Yo” singer always has a leg up on the competition.

10. Look back at it.


You already know J.Lo is #bodygoals at 48. Y’all better catch up.


11. Red hot.


Jennifer Lopez has too much sauce.

12. The Backstreet Boys are unbreakable.

Instagram/Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys are STILL larger than life.