Jesus Luz Loses His Religion, Converts to Kabbalah for Madonna

Everything you know about Jesus Luz can be separated into two categories—

1) He is genetically blessed..

2) He is easily influenced by pop stars.

—and the latter is clearer than ever, now that the Brazilian model is telling family and friends that he's converted to Kabbalah. Luz, who was a strict Catholic, recently updated his website to inform everyone of the change in his religious status, which of course was spurred by his lover and devout Kabbalah practitioner, with this cryptic message: “It is not important what others think about us. The most important
thing is to have a clear conscience, even if I am condemned. We can not
forget that Jesus was condemned.”

A source tells UK's The Mirror that Jesus's conversion to Kabbalah is no fluke. “He has joined an online Kabbalah group and is keen to become an active
member," says the source. "Madonna has also offered to take him to the Kabbalah centre in New York and he is exceedingly keen to take her up on that.”

Really? The man Madonna plucked from total obscurity into the mouths of every gossip columnist on the planet is exceedingly keen to do what she says? Shocking.

What do you think of Jesus Luz's religious flip-flop?