Jesus Luz Insists He's Not Cheating on Madonna

Though Jesus Luz recently left Madonna to visit his native Brazil—and was subsequently caught dancing cheek to cheek with model Luciana Costa—he wants the world to know that he's no cheater. “I danced with her, but I danced with everyone at the party," The Sun reports Luz as saying. "My mother was at my side [at the party], and never would I become intimate with a
woman if my mum was nearby—even if I was interested in that person.”

That said, Luz still won't fess up to an intimate relationship with 50-year-old Madge. “Even if it is true that I am with her, I would never reveal these
details. I was never one to comment on my personal life and that won’t change now.
This is a characteristic of my personality.”

Luz also hilariously implies that the media scrutiny surrounding him is the product not of his goings on with Madonna, but of his career as a model. "I expected it. This is
the price you pay if you are successful with your work. People tell me 'it is suffocating' but I am calm and collected and think 'you
are working and this is not the end of the world.' "

If globetrotting with a pop star and crashing Kabbalah parties in ridiculous costumes qualifies as "working," sign us up!

Do you think Jesus Luz is committed to Madonna?