Jesus Luz Is Green with Envy

And we're not just talking about those dreamy eyes! Seems that Jesus Luz is no longer reveling in his status as Madonna’s boy toy. Sources close to the 22-year-old Brazilian model told the NY Daily News that the hottie feels that Madonna doesn't take him seriously, which is positively shocking! Apparently, he's also really upset with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie’s constant presence as of late.

Ritchie was in London visiting with the newest addition to Madonna's brood, Mercy James, who was adopted from Malawi last month. The Snatch director also spent some quality time with his two kids, Rocco and David. They attended kabbalah services together and Ritchie even went to a party with Madonna, which seems to have made Jesus a little jealous. "Guy is around pretty frequently, and Jesus is becoming resentful," the source revealed. "He feels inadequate. He's intimidated by Guy's accomplishments; they clearly aren't equals."

It seems like Jesus might need a bit of a reality check! “He’s pretty and she can boss him around,” the source said. "He's good in bed. And he takes really good care of her kids. But as a life partner? No. He's child's play." ¡Ay, pobre Jesus!