Jessica Alba's First Day in Venice

Jessica Alba headed to Venice, Italy on August 30 for the 67th Venice Film Festival where her movie Machete is opening the festival with a midnight screening. She was a typical tourist, studying maps and snapping pics in front of famous locales. Take a look at Jessica's first day in "The Floating City."

1. Alba's Venice Trip: Airport

Jessica has her "pops", father Mark Alba, on hand before her flight to Venice from New York City on August 30.

2. Alba's Venice Trip: Boat

Jessica waves to fans as she arrives at the Excelsior Hotel for the 67th Venice Film Festival by water taxi on August 31.

3. Alba's Venice Trip: Lunch

Jessica took a break for lunch where she sipped on bellinis with her friend, Lauren.

4. Alba's Venice Trip: Cafe

She stopped by the most famous cafe in Venice, Caffe Florian in St. Mark's Square.

5. Alba's Venice Trip: Map

Jessica doesn't mind looking like a tourist when she whips out a huge map of Venice.

6. Alba's Venice Trip: Bridge

At Venice's famous Bridge of Sighs (covered in Coca-Cola ads), Jessica poses for a picture with her friend.

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