Jenny From the Block Back on Set and Back in a Size 6

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For us "common folk," losing baby weight can be really difficult and adding insult to injury, many celebrities—with an army of nutritionists, personal trainers and nannies—make it seem super easy to get back into pre-baby shape. Jennifer Lopez, however, kept it real in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, admitting that losing the baby weight after the birth of her twins, Max and Emme, was really difficult.

The 39-year-old star, who gave birth to the twins back in February, 2008, is back in amazing shape after gaining 50 pounds during the pregnancy. "It did take a lot of work," Lopez confesses. "I thought it was gonna drop off easily because I had been in shape my whole life, but it didn't." She went on to say that she dropped the first 30 pounds relatively quickly, then struggled mightily to lose the last 20.

JLo is currently back on the movie set—and looking fabulous!—filming the romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan in LA, with twins and hubby Marc Anthony in tow. "I bring the babies to work with me," Lopez says. "I love it. Honestly, one of the best days of my life was the first day back working on this film—I wanted to do this film really badly— and bringing my babies with me that morning."