Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out: "Divorce Is Not an Option"

Jennifer Lopez wants the world to know that she is not—repeat, not!—splitting up with Marc Anthony. The megastar finally spoke out against all the rumors in an exclusive interview with In Touch magazine, in which she forcefully states that "Divorce is not—and was never—and option." That's despite what her red carpet outfits and body language would have you believe.

Though Jennifer knows that her flashy dresses and lack of a wedding ring have only fueled the divorce rumors (all of which have been corroborated by numerous sources close to the couple), she insists that we're all just too quick to speculate. "Every time I'm not wearing my ring, people think I'm getting divorced," she says. "That's crazy! It just didn't go with the dress." 

Her friend/manager Benny Medina also chimes in, telling In Touch that "Jennifer and Marc are committed to the future and to one another. All the rumors are just that—rumors."
The rest of Jennifer's interview hits newsstands today and is only teased briefly online, and it's not clear whether Marc Anthony has anything to share. Maybe he had something better to do that day besides defend his marriage.

Alright Jennifer, look: since you're finally speaking out, we'll talk to you directly. We totally understand that women leave their wedding rings at home on occasion and even have nasty, kicking-and-screaming fights with their spouses. But can you honestly be surprised that the world thinks you're getting a divorce? And if you are truly concerned about putting those rumors to rest, then why don't you just wear it? You know, for good measure? So you don't have to do these interviews! Help us understand, mija. Because this explanation just ain't cutting it.