Jennifer Lopez Says Max and Emme Are "Very In-Tune With Each Other"

Like any good mami, Jennifer Lopez can't stop gushing about her twins. At the opening of fashion haven Topshop in New York last night, Us asked the boricua star about babies Max and Emme and she was more than happy to share new details. "Oh God, I could talk for a year about that!" said Lopez. "They're very in-tune with each other. They're walking, they’re talking, they're babbling a lot—all of that kid stuff. It's wonderful to watch!"

When asked about her favorite part of being a mother, the answer came just as easily: "Everything!" Lopez raved.

We can't wait until Max and Emme are old enough to really talk, so they can dish on the details on what it's like to have Jennifer Lopez for a mom—what do you think they'd say?