Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant with Twins (Again!) in 'The Back-Up Plan'

Do you have any other films in the works?
We have a few.  We’re developing a new romantic comedy.  But we’ll see.  We’ll have to see which one comes together in the right ways.  I’m not a mom in any of them, but there are children in two of them.

Can you share any details about your album Love?
It’s the same that I’ve always done.  There’s always going to be that combination of dance and a little bit of street and a little bit of hip-hop and a little bit R&B, all of those influences that I grew up with. It always has a few ballads on there and there’s a few great dance cuts and kind of mid tempos. I wrote a song for the babies.  I don’t know that I’m going to put it on the album.  I’m going to call it Love?—with a question mark—because I just feel like it’s an endlessly fascinating topic that all my albums have been about.  It’s still very confusing to me.  I explore that on this album, probably more than my other albums.

Why do you find love confusing?
It’s just something you can never figure out.  The more experiences I go through and even just in a marriage and how much work that takes—it’s something that you can never really put your finger on.  But I’m not sure that you’re supposed to.  I think you’re just supposed to love yourself first and then kind of go through everything else.  The album talks about what’s right about it, what’s wrong about it.  The things we do that we shouldn’t be doing.  A lot of it has to do with the time we’re in.  Just looking around at what’s happening in the media right now with other celebrities, you realize how low our standards have become in love.  The dialogue needs to be opened on that.

Will any songs be in Spanish?
I’m going to start working on a new Spanish album probably in about a month, probably right as I finish the other one, for release next year.

When will Love? be released?
We’re aiming for summertime.  I’ve been working on it probably since last summer.  I recently parted ways with my old record company and we have a new one. Everybody’s really happy with it.  We just need to finish it.

Will Marc’s new album be out around the same time?
Yes. He just finished it. It’s called Iconos, which means Icons. He covered probably nine of the most beautiful ballads that were ever sung.   It’s absolutely brilliant.

Do you make an appearance on it?
We didn’t duet on this one. He’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing.  We had our moment, like the third or fourth year when we were married when we did everything together.  We did El Cantante, we did the tour, we made all the music together, he produced my album.  That was a beautiful time for us and we really enjoyed that.  But I think we have responsibility to our own individual fans.  We have to go off and do our own thing.

Looking back with the wisdom of age and experience that you have now, would you change anything?
I wouldn’t change anything, honestly.  I really love the direction my life has taken.  I feel now like I’m 25 again and that it’s all starting over.  Babies just make you feel like your life is just beginning.  Probably because their life is just beginning and you so love them that you’re just like right there with them.  It’s like, ‘OK, this is the start of something awesome.’  That’s how I feel in my life and in my career right now.