How Much is Jennifer Lopez Really Worth?


Jennifer Lopez is the queen of business so it's no wonder she is worth a lot of money. 

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The diva is estimated to be worth $380 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Lopez still has an amazing music career but that isn't where she makes the majority of her money. Lopez has racked in millions from her stint as a judge on America Idol. The Bronx-native has also continued with her acting starring in The Boy Next Door and her NBC drama Shades of Blue, which as of May 2017 has been renewed for a third season. The Puerto Rican latina also has two new albums in the works and her epic Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. Her album Por Primera Vez was due in October of last year but has since been delayed for a later date. However, the 48-year-old singer did release some new singles that graced the music charts in 2017 including Ni Tu Ni Yo featuring Gente de Zona and Amor, Amor, Amor featuring Wisin. The performer also has a new show due in 2018, which she is starring in and producing called World of Dance.

Forbes has estimated the star has already made $38 million in 2017 alone. She is no. 65 on their list of the world's highest paid celebrities. Jenny from the Block also has a production company, as well as various clothing lines, fragrances, accessories and much more. 

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We wish we had all that money in our pockets! Lopez deserves every dime!