Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Being Sued Over Dangerous Doggie

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's German Shepherd Floyd is in hot water after an alleged attack on a stewardess. Dr. Karen Overall, a veterinarian with a Ph.D in zoology says that Lopez and Anthony are to blame for their dogs aggressive outburst because they knew about Floyd's bad behavior previously. "It is clear to me that Floyd, Mr. Anthony's personal protection dog, behaved inappropriately, aggressively and in a manner that consistently endangered humans," wrote Overall in an 8-page legal filing, reports the Daily News.

The trouble all started when the couple was taking a private flight on a Gulfstream IV jet in 2006. Flight attendant Lisa Wilson claims that Floyd was upset when she walked by the family holding a tray of silverware and proceeded to growl menacingly, eventually head butting her and causing her to fall and injure her back.

Dr. Overall says her conclusions are based on testimony from everyone on the flight, including Anthony's daughter Arianna from a previous relationship. The little girl said she heard a "really big time" growl from Floyd but thought the dog was upset with Lopez's sister Linda. However, Overall indicates than Anthony should have known trouble was brewing when Wilson walked by with the tray of utensils, noting that a personal chef who had worked for the couple was also attacked by the German military-bred pooch when he carried sharp objects.

Overall says the superstar couple should have sent the menacing mutt to get counseling. A lawyer for Lopez and Anthony says that they've hired his own animal behavior expert to evaluate Floyd.