#MotivationalMonday 8 Times J.Lo Was Our Very Own Life Coach

Jennifer Lopez is one of the highest paid Latinas in the biz and a true inspiration to many women all over the world.

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From the Bronx to Hollywood, we've rounded up 8 times the mother-of-two was our unofficial life coach and pushed us towards our goals.  

1. Blaze Your Own Trail


Success has no set path, on the hit daytime show, The Real the Puerto Rican star told the audience "Never let anyone put them in a box". If you're an artist who wants to produce a fashion line, the Bronx beauty says go for it and blaze your own trail! 

2. Healing Is A Natural Process


For anyone who has gone through a heartache, Jennifer has a message for you. The mother of two admits her children helped her reevaluate her relationships in her love life. As she speaks about her book True Love on NBC's Today Show the 48-year-old took a moment to heal and focus on her healing process. 

3. Be True To Yourself


Living in a world that's constantly changing, it’s important for you to always be yourself. Jenni from the Block challenges us to love ourselves fully no matter where we are in life & it's inspiring AF! 

4. Your Life Is Beautiful


"You have to decide, your life is going to be lovely, it's going to be beautiful," said the All I Have singer during an interview with Access Hollywood. We couldn't agree more, in this moment decide & claim it! 

5. Embrace Your Body Always


While many feel JLo created the big booty revolution, the World of Dance producer tells Mario Lopez she feels t's important for women to embrace their body at any stage they are at. She dishes if there's a change you'd like to see, follow the doctor's orders which are eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep!

6. One Day At A Time, One Hour At A Time


We often wear many hats in their life such as mothers, daughters, teachers, and more which can be overwhelming. With our days being scheduled or planned accordingly with endless responsibilities and obligations the Puerto Rican superstar inspires us to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time. 

7. Don't Quit!


Sometimes we let others project their thoughts, opinions, and false beliefs on us. This can make us second guess our goals, dreams, and future sense of accomplishments. But it's critical to understand nobody knows what's inside of you but you said, the 48-year-old Boricua. Don't give too much time to the nay-sayers, disbelievers, and dream killers -- they have no idea what you're actually capable of. 

8. Ask Yourself Questions


Unsure of why things are happening in your world? The Bronx native shares a moment with People TV, as the actress mentions she began to ask herself questions about her life. From what's right or wrong, why are these things happening to me, to is this real or fake? Bring awareness to the uncertainty is the first step to change.