Jennifer Lopez Talks Vegas Residency And Inspirations From Music's Biggest Divas

Jennifer Lopez Talks Vegas Residency And Inspirations From Music's Biggest Divas

Jennifer Lopez is a multiplatinum-selling artist, actress, and producer. But that’s not all she has.

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The Bronx bombshell will soon kick off her first Las Vegas residency “All I Have,” and fans can expect nothing less.

“I want it to be a high-energy, Bronx kind of block party,” she told Ocean Drive.

“The most exciting shows make you dance, and scream, and jump up and down. I want people to really let loose,” Lopez continued. “I’m just looking to do the best Jennifer Lopez show anyone has ever seen. I want the show to be always changing, so it’s a unique experience every time – one night a Selena song, and another maybe something by Diana Ross.”

The 46-year-old star has never been one to shy away from hard work, which is why she named the show after her strength and perseverance.

“It’s always been my approach to performing, to work, to everything I do in life: I give it all I have,” she told the mag. “That’s why it’s the name of the show. It’s a much more intimate experience, and it’s about real performers – and not everybody can really do that.”

That’s exactly why Lopez doesn’t mess around when selecting the dancers who will share the stage with her for her Sin City show. After all, she got her start as a dancer and knows the ropes of what it takes to be the best.

“I’ve done it my whole life,” she explained. “Sometimes other people – the music department or my management – might like a person, but I’m, like, ‘Oh, they’re a little bit weak in this part; there’s not enough technique.’ They’re bringing the story to life, so they’re an integral part of the show, acting a little bit, even.”

Lopez may be an expert performer but she’s also a fan and intends to mirror her Vegas showcase on some of music’s greatest.

“It’s like a fantasy,” she said of her show before adding, “When you think of Diana Ross, Cher, or Barbara Streisand, it’s their costumes that became their signature.”

The Shades of Blue star has a big fan in her mother, Guadalupe, but says there’s a special attraction to her attending the Vegas show … the casino.

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Still, Lopez said, “Even if she weren’t (a fan of gambling), she would still come and see me.”