10 Celebs Closest to Jennifer Lopez—Ranked

Jennifer Lopez is always posting pictures with her famous friends on Instagram. The Puerto Rican superstar frequently hangs out with other top celebs in Hollywood. From her BFF Leah Remini to her American Idol buddy Ryan Seacrest, check out which stars J.Lo is closest to – in order.

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1. Benny Medina

#1 Benny Medina

This guy has been with J.Lo since before she became Jenny from the Block. He is her managaer and they are so close that Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony chose him as the grandfather of their twins. 

2. Leah Remini

#2 Leah Remini

The No.1 spot has to go to ride-or-die BFF Remini. The two have been friends for years, and Lopez even helped Remini get through one of the most horrible times of her life: leaving the Church of Scientology. 

3. Marc Anthony

#3 Marc Anthony

As her ex-husband and the father of her twins, Anthony will always hold a special place in J.Lo's heart. Even after their divorce, the two vowed to stay friends no matter what. 

4. Casper Smart

#4 Casper Smart

The Boricua's current #ManCrushMonday, as she called him, Smart has to come in third. The pair dated for three years before breaking up, but the two have been spotted together all around town recently. Smart gets along well with Jennifer's kids and has been by her side since her divorce from Marc Anthony.

5. Pitbull

#5 Pitbull 

Mr. 305, Pitbull himself, has been in Lopez's life for what seems like an enternity. The two have collaborated on a number of songs together, including "On the Floor" and "We Are One (Ole Ola)."

6. Ryan Seacrest & Ryan Guzman

#6 Ryan Seacrest & Ryan Guzman

Seacrest and J.Lo go way back. The two have been close since they worked on FOX's American Idol together. But Seacrest isn't the only Ryan in J.Lo's life. Lopez also became close to actor Guzman after filming their movie,The Boy Next Door, together. 

7. Cameron Diaz

#7 Cameron Diaz

These two caribeńa bootylicious ladies even starred in a movie together. Diaz and Lopez worked with each other on What to Expect When You Are Expecting

8. Harry Connick Jr. & Keith Urban

#8 Harry Connick Jr. & Keith Urban 

Since her time on American Idol, Lopez has gotten close to her fellow judges Connick Jr. and Urban. We aren't surprised since they spend so much time together filming the show. 

9. Hoda Kotb

#9 Hoda Kotb 

Lopez has been going on the Today show for years, so it's no wonder she became good friends with co-host Kotb. The two looked so cozy together posing with J.Lo's book True Love.

10. Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea

#10 Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea 

Lopez knows everyone! For a Halloween party, she posed with the sexy Lovato and Azalea. The star took it a step further and collaborated with Azalea on the song Booty. We can't wait to see if she ever teams up with Lovato for a hit. #PrettyPlease