Jennifer Lopez Dishes on Talking Twins

Jennifer Lopez is back in action, filming The Back-Up Plan, her first lead role since the birth of her twins. She's starring as Zoe, a young woman who is artificially inseminated on the very same day she meets Mr. Right. J. Lo sat down with Extra to talk about her new film and shared her struggles balancing work with motherhood.

One of the best perks of her job, she says, is that she can have babies Max and Emme on set with her, "They've been with me almost every day on the set. I don't think they realize what I do. Once in a while, they look at the monitor and go, 'Mama.'"

She admits that it has been hard to be back to the crazy schedule her career demands, saying that the twins are growing up so fast. "They're more than walking now ... they're starting to talk. I put Max to bed yesterday ... and I said, 'I love you baby. I'll see you tomorrow.' And he was like, 'I love you.'"

Lopez shared how motherhood has changed her the most: "You just mature so quickly in such a deep way, and you think life is short and you have to just go for things. You can't be afraid to try or do your best. ... Just do it and that's the example I want to set for my children as well. It's like you can do anything. The only thing that ever holds us back is fear. ... It's a useless emotion."

The Back-Up Plan is scheduled to hit theaters in January 2010.