Jennifer Lopez's Diet Isn't Nearly As Scary As You Might Think

Jennifer Lopez Diet

Jennifer Lopez — the 46-year-old goddess who appears to be aging in reverse — has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to keep her slim, trim figure. Tracy Anderson, the celebrity trainer behind Lopez's fabulous physique, opened up to Byrdie about her client's diet and fitness regime, and, shockingly, the diet doesn't seem that hard to follow. 

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The trainer — who promises that "abs are made in the kitchen" — says that Lopez eats a diet rich in veggies and low in processed foods. "It's all organic, and it's all very well thought out, with the balance of very high-quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food," Anderson reveals. "Everything is fresh. There's nothing processed." 

Below, get the skinny on what Lopez eats in a typical day:

Breakfast: Jenny from the Block usually begins her day with a protein shake and decaf coffee

Lunch: The superstar will have a "veggie-heavy" salad with a lean protein, such as salmon.

Dinner: She usually caps off her day with a whole grain, like quinoa, and more lean protein.

However, Lopez's owes her lean, toned figure to more than just healthy eating. The boricua makes sure to get at least seven hours of shut-eye per night, and she relies upon strength training three to four times a week.

Anderson also insists that Lopez doesn't beat herself up over occassional indulgences, but, two items are absolutely off-limits: coffee and alcohol. No booze or buzz in that body! 

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