Que Cute! You Won't Believe How Jennifer Lopez Bedazzled Arod's Cup


Now he totally matches her fly! Jennifer Lopez just designed an epic cup for Alex Rodriguez and it's BEJEWELED! 

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Recently, the Shades of Blue actress was spotted drinking out the most bling-out Starbuck cup, which made everyone run to Pinterest to get the best DIY recipe to recreate the look. It seriously has a diva-only pricetag on it, meaning it runs for about $500. If you're bougie and just as obsessed with Starbucks this may be the best gift to add to your wish list. 

If you're not into DIY-ing matching cups check out the designer behind the lavish cups at TaylorMade BlingEmbellishments


Of course, the retired Yankee star, posted with his new swagged out black and silver sprinkling cup on the Puerto Rican beauty's Instagram stories. Lopez gifted the 100% Swarovski crystals with Arod's personal logo saying, "I had to do".

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The "On The Floor" singer and Rodriguez are clearly super in love and can't get enough of each other.