Jennifer Lopez Attends the Golden Globes with Marc, Sans Wedding Ring

Jennifer Lopez kept sending mixed signals about her marriage last night, arriving at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards arm in arm with her husband, Marc Anthony, but again leaving her wedding ring at home. The star, draped in a glitzy Marchesa gown reminiscent of her infamous Grammy dress—and mostly likely not on Marc's list of approved outfits—presented the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actress. You already know how we feel about that outcome.

Of course, Jennifer has gone out sans wedding ring before, but this time, it wasn't just a sign that her marriage was in trouble. It was also a major blow to Marc's manliness. He was right there, for Pete's sake! That had to hurt. And for those who think we're overreacting about the absent wedding ring, consider what an insider remarked to MSNBC's "The Scoop": “if she wanted the rumors to go away, she would have tossed the ring on her hand.” We couldn't agree more.

"The Scoop" also reports this morning that Jennifer was not the first choice to present the opening category at the Golden Globes last night. Organizers were hoping for Angelina Jolie instead, but she was rumored to have declined the offer after facing pressure from the Oscar folks, who are allegedly telling celebs that if they present an award at the Globes, their chances of doing so at the Oscars are far less likely.

So just to sum everything up, Jennifer Lopez looked a tad over-and-underdressed at the Golden Globes (no small feat) and made her husband appear rather foolish by not wearing her wedding ring. She also agreed to be the second choice presenter of an award that ultimately delivered a crushing blow to the Oscar odds of her fellow Latina, Penelope Cruz. Overall, it was not a good night for J.Lo.