Jennifer and Marc Buy the House Next Door to Their Own—Who Is It For?

While everyone was busy gossiping over the state of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's marriage, the couple quietly purchased a new home right next door to their own in Long Island, New York.

Newsday reports that the Anthonys closed the deal on a $2.05 million, 2.24-acre home on December 19, and the deed is in Marc's name. The property shares gates with the home already owned by the couple, who spent millions of dollars fortifying their estate with extra security before the birth of twins Max and Emme.

So who will Jennifer and Marc choose as their neighbor? The most likely answer is Guadalupe Lopez (Jennifer's mother), who has reportedly been living with the couple in their home since the twins were born last February. Maybe the couple decided that the best way for them to stay strong is to find a little peace and quiet away from the in-laws? We'll find out soon enough.