Jennifer and Marc Apparently Not Aware They're Headed for Splitsville

Did someone forget to send Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony the memo about their doomed marriage? Because the couple sure seemed to be doing fine this weekend in Puerto Rico, where they attended the inauguration ceremony for the island's new governor, Luis Fortuno. Sure, one could speculate over their calculated body language and Jennifer's icy stare, but then one could also argue that these two always look coolly posed.

Over the holiday break, the Daily News reported that Jennifer and Marc plan to announce their split at his Valentine's Day concert in New York City. Sounds like a dubious claim, but men, maybe you should think twice about copping those tickets for your beloved--just to be safe. Then AOL's esteemed celebrity astrologist, Susan Miller, predicted a split for the couple in 2009: "A lunar eclipse in Leo on February 9 will push Lopez to make a decision about her future." Miller also says that "Astrologically, these two have a very strong business association: When they are together, profits expand enormously." Um, we beg to differ on that one!

Our forecast is a little simpler. We predict that Jennifer and Marc will put their best foot forward in 2009, just like they did this weekend in PR, and try to reconcile their alleged marriage problems. You won't see any racy affairs with baseball players here! What does your crystal ball say?