Jenni Rivera’s Son Johnny Lopez Opens Up About His Sexuality



Johnny Lopez, son of the late Jenni Rivera, revealed he is bisexual in a new video.

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Lopez, alongside his older sister Chiquis Rivera, addressed the rumors about his sexuality in the latest clip.

“There has been a lot said about me in the past few weeks. Things didn’t come out the way I wanted this to,” the 16-year-old said. “I wanted to make this video first and for everyone to understand me but my boyfriend, as you all know, Joaquín, we both got a little too excited, and he posted a few pictures of us, and I retweeted them, and it went viral.”

While the news might come as a surprise to many, the teen revealed he has been dating Joaquín for two years. “People began noticing that we were together. They didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted to but they’re out now. I am in a gay relationship right now and I am in love with this person. I’ve been dealing with this part of myself for a long time now,” he explained.

Earlier this week Lopez also took to Instagram to reflect on his relationship with his boyfriend. "Two years ago today I officially met this boy (I had met him twice before briefly but this time I knew him as a friend) and realized I had fell for him," Rivera's hijo told his followers, adding,"I’m so grateful that along the way I was able to find the courage to tell the world about him and that I don’t have to hide him anymore. Our journey has been a difficult one but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m so grateful for this day and so glad I get to celebrate it with him. I love you so much, J. Thank you for coming into my life."


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Though Lopez admitted he experimented with women in the past, he  says he identifies himself as bisexual. “For so long I wanted to be completely straight or completely gay because I honestly didn’t know where I am,” he said. “I’m bisexual, but honestly, I know that some people don’t necessarily believe in that. But all I know is that I love this person and I don’t necessarily have a preference, I love who I love.”

Of course, a Chiquis stood by her brother and asked fans to do the same. “I want people to know that I support him 100 percent. He is my brother, he is my baby, he is my son,” she said. 

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Watch the full video above.