Every Pic From Jasmine V's Baby Shower You Didn't See

Jasmine V is one mami we can't wait to see give birth! The star celebrated her Winterland-themed baby shower alongside her boyfriend Ronnie Banks, and these pictures will show you just how much fun the couple had surrounded by friends and family. 

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1. Jasmine V Baby Shower

These baby wipes are definitely going to come in handy for Jasmine! We can't wait to see tons of pictures of her.

2. Jasmine V Baby Shower

Jasmine looks amazing showing off her baby bump while Ronnie hugs her from behind. 

3. Jasmine V Baby Shower

Yup, there is a baby in that bump! Jasmine looks like she's having an amazing time with her friends. 

4. Jasmine V Baby Shower

Nothing like getting your silly faces for the photoboth. Everyone looks spectacular, especially Jasmine and Ronnie. 

5. Jasmine V Baby Shower

This couple is one for the books! Ronnie and Jasmine look amazing and so in love! 

6. Jasmine V Baby Shower

The couple's baby shower was sponsored by bloomBaby, natural baby wipes and the guests were able to walk away with some amazing gift bags. 

7. Jasmine V Baby Shower

We love the dress Jasmine is wearing. It perfectly shows off her baby bump and contrasts with the red her friend is wearing. 

8. Jasmine V Baby Shower

This is an adorable family photo! Looks like Jasmine is craving popsicles during her pregnancy. Their baby is going to be so cute. 

9. Jasmine V Baby Shower

Is this what Jasmine will look like when she's taking care of her baby girl? If so, she is going to be one hot mama! 

10. Jasmine V Baby Shower

How amazing is it that bloomBaby sponsored Jasmine's baby shower! We love their natural wipes. 

11. Jasmine V Baby Shower

The love is real between Ronnie and Jasmine. Baby Ameera is going to be surrounded by a lot of love! 

12. Jasmine V Baby Shower

Yass! They are definitely stylish parents-to-be!