Jane Fonda Says Females Need to "Shame" Gender-Biased Studios

Jane Fonda Says Females Need to "Shame" Gender-Biased Studios
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Jane Fonda wants to make one thing clear: Hollywood is sexist!

While speaking on a panel at Monday's Women at Sundance brunch, the 77-year-old Oscar-winning actress addressed Tinseltown's gender problem. “The studios are run by men and they have the bottom line to meet and they give jobs to people like them,” Fonda said, according to Deadline. “It’s a matter of gender, not that we don’t have the experience.”

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The Monster-in-Law star said the industry is still not created equal and modern-day Hollywood is still a struggle for women. "We all know what we have to do. We have to not be quiet about it, we have to keep talking about it, we have to shame the studios for being so gender-biased," she said.

"Media is the face that the United States gives to the world. And if the women's part of our country isn't part of that face, then they're not getting the whole picture."

Fonda continued, “We have to fight real hard to get women in positions of power and remember there are no set rules. We have to show that women who make movies make money. We have to prove that we can be commercial."

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