EXCLUSIVE: J Balvin Reveals How He Felt After Seeing Jennifer Lopez Dancing to His Song “Ginza”

EXCLUSIVE: J Balvin Loves J. Lo Dancing To His Song “Ginza”
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J Balvin is the biggest thing poppin’ in Latin music. There’s no denying his impact. Just take a look at his whopping one BILLION views for his music video for “Ay Vamos,” his Latin Grammy and Latin American Music Award nominations, and his collaboration with Buchanan’s Whiskey.

Read highlights from our Facebook Live interview with the Colombiano and watch the full video below.

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On Jennifer Lopez dancing to his song, “Ginza”:

“I was at home in bed and they send it to me via WhatsApp and I was like, ‘What’s this? She looks nice. Oh, that’s Jennifer Lopez! No way!’ And then she posted it on Instagram. She liked the way she was looking, the video, the sound and she posted it. So I reposted. It’s amazing because music has no barriers.”

On only getting one Latin Grammy nomination (Best Urban Music Album):

“Yes, of course. I was expecting a lot, I can’t lie. But God has a plan for me and I’m going to follow him. At least we’re on it. Thank God. We’ll see what happens next year. I just want to get my team another level because when I win, they win. I want to make another piece of art, another reggaeton album to see what happens next year.”

On his “Es Nuestro Momento” campaign with Buchanan’s:

“Buchanan has always been cool to me and I like to do cool things. It’s nuestro momento right now. We’re making nice and beautiful statements like we just reached one billion views on Vevo; right now I’m the most streamed Latino artist in the world. It’s been a blessing.”

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