The Hottest Dad On Instagram: Aaron Diaz

Mexican model and actor Aaron Diaz has two girls in his life: his daughters, Erin and Regina. The gorgeous papa loves to post pics cradling his bundles of joy inside his enormous, toned biceps. Yep, his wife, Lola Ponce, is officially the luckiest woman on earth — and Diaz is officially the hottest dad on Instagram. 

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This story was originally published in September 2015.

1. The Hottest Dad On Instagram: Aaron Diaz

This little niña enjoys the water almost as much as her papa

2. The Hottest Dad On Instagram: Aaron Diaz

This proud papa couldn't be more grateful for all his girls. 

3. The Hottest Dad On Instagram: Aaron Diaz

Taking in the sights together — these memories will last forever!

4. 1

"Daaaaaaaaad, you're embarrassing me!"

5. 2

This little girl's favorite spot is in her daddy's lap. 

6. 3

Like father, like daughter. 

7. 4

With her animal print jumpsuit and high-top sneakers, Diaz's daughter is the most fashionable kid around. 

8. 5

9. Aaron Diaz & Erin 7

Aaron shows off his washboard abs and fashionable baby girl, Erin, in this sunny beach snapshot.

10. Aaron Diaz & Erin 1

Diaz bends over backwards (literally!) to show his little princess some love. 

11. Aaron Diaz & Erin 2

“Another day of sun... Another happy day... I hope you will be with who makes you happy,” he wrote.

12. Aaron Diaz & Erin 3

Daddy and baby spent some quality cuddling time in a peaceful hammock. “This is what it’s all about!” Diaz wrote.

13. Aaron Diaz & Erin 4

Diaz simply wrote, “Pure love” alongside this adorable photo. 

14. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne 

The 18-year-old was in the mood to show off a whole lot of skin in this outfit. Thorne looked ready to go for a swim in this brown and black barely there bikini. 

15. Aaron Diaz & Erin 6

We can’t even handle how cute this picture is -- or how good Aaron’s arms look. 

16. Aaron Diaz & Erin 8

Aaron wants his daughter to understand the importance of dental hygiene.

17. Aaron Diaz & Erin 9

Lola Ponce made the entire world jealous of her perfect life when she posted this incredible picture of a shirtless Diaz sleeping with his little one. 

18. Aaron Diaz & Erin 10

No matter how big she gets, she’ll always be daddy’s little girl.

19. Aaron Diaz & Erin 11

Aaron introduces little Erin to the wonders of nature in this stunning snapshot.

20. Aaron Diaz & Erin 12

All smiles! Dad and daughter have a good laugh as they enjoy some beautiful weather.