Hot Papi Panel: 6 Celebrities Reveal What Guys Really Think!

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but that doesn't mean ladies have to give up their quest to understand the inner workings of the Martian mind! We spoke to six Latino studs to get the scoop on how our hombres really think. From J Balvin to Mario Lopez, see what these celebrities had to say:

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1. John Leguizamo

On what men consider cheating:

"Guys have different rules and codes for cheating. Some dudes think that as long as they don't have intercourse, they're not really cheating. Like, if they receive fellatio, they're not really cheating. It's the Clinton principle."

2. Gerardo Mejia

On if it's acceptable to flirt after you're married:

"Flirting has led me to make some mistakes, so I don't go there. It's like someone who stops drinking but then hangs out a liquor store. If I start flirting with someone, I'm going into the danger zone."

3. Jorge Diaz

On if there's such a thing as bad sex for a guy:

"There isn't. There are better experiences than others, but I wouldn't necessarily label them bad."

4. J Balvin

On how important the "chase" is for men & being the "conqueror":

"I think it should be like 60/40, because there has to be some reciprocity in the courtship. If there's a mutual chemistry, you should both woo each other."

5. Cris Cab

On getting intimate right away:

"If a girl sleeps with a guy right away, it's a little less special and it holds a little less value. I always tell my sister, 'You never want to be that girl that gives it up too easy — you always want to make him wait.' It's more impactful when you get to know someone and then you take things to the next level."

6. Mario Lopez

On the belief that a guy will be ready to commit upon meeting the "right" girl:

"No. I think the whole [idea that] 'you'll know when the right person comes along,' is wrong. You've gotta be ready. You can have the most amazing person, but if you're not ready, then it's irrelevant."