Why Hilaria Baldwin Doesn't Allow Alec Baldwin to Do His Donald Trump Impression at Home

To use Donald Trump's' favorite word, Alec Baldwin has given a "tremendous" impression of the president on Saturday Night Live. For several weeks now, the actor's impersonation has skyrocketed the show's ratings, much due to the spot-on hand gestures, confusing rhetoric, and orange complextion.

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However, Baldwin's character will not be brought home, if wife Hilaria Baldwin has anything to say about it.

The author and yogi spoke to Extra about her hubby's character. "Banned. Zero. Not there," she said, when asked if he impersonates POTUS in their home. The couple has three kids together — 3-year-old Carmen, 1-year-old Rafael, and 6-month-old Leonardo — so it's no surprise they want to keep the politics at bay when they can. "I never saw him practice once," she said, when asked about what impresses her most about his work. "We almost spend all of our time together, so that's pretty impressive that he can just come out and do that."

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Watch above to hear more about Baldwin's at-home lifestyle.