Has A-Rod Found a New Girlfriend (Or Three New Girlfriends)?

Who needs Madonna? Alex Rodriguez courted a bevy of beautiful women this Valentine's Day weekend, some even while Madonna's BFF Ingrid Casares was looking, and none of them nearly as high maintenance as the Material Mom.

According to the Daily News, A-Rod spent much of his weekend in the company of Melissa Britos, a striking model who's been spotted getting cozy with the baseball slugger before. The pair dined at Miami Beach's Fountainebleau hotel, and onlookers say that they appeared to be very much in lust. "They were not holding hands, but they looked very happy; he seemed very into her." Another spy adds, "He really likes her. I don't think this is just about making Madonna jealous."

After their intimate dinner, A-Rod and Britos reportedly joined a larger group of friends, including the veteran party queen Casares, for a night on the town. This isn't the first time that Madge's longtime pal has partied with Rodriguez while he courts other women—the fallen Yankee idol once famously flirted with Sofia Vergara and Kate Hudson right in front of her—but that doesn't make it any less bizarre.

Meanwhile, Page Six double confirms A-Rod and Britos' hot date on Friday night, but says that Rodriguez was back to his womanizing ways on Saturday night, juggling no less than three women at Prime 112 steakhouse and leaving at 3 a.m. with a "stunning blonde."

Are we sure that stunning blonde wasn't Madonna? Kidding, of course! This is 2009, not 1989!

Seriously, though...how long before A-Rod and Madonna stop making each other jealous by taking on younger, sexier lovers and just settle down for each other already? We give them six months, tops. You?