EXCLUSIVE: Grizel "Chachi" Del Valle on Touring with Romeo Santos and Her Solo EP

Martin Cohen

For Grizel "Chachi" Del Valle, it all started with a big dream. The New Jersey native was involved in just about everything from the start, which fully prepared her for a life of big lights down the road. Fast forward to today, the Puerto Rican star is singing backup for Romeo Santos, working on her solo album, dancing in her own burlesque show, and performing in an off-Broadway musical. 

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We spoke to Chachi about her dream collaborators, sharing the stage with Santos, and much more. Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Tell us about your work with Romeo Santos.

He needed a female vocalist because the woman he usually has on tour was on pregnancy leave. While I was doing the musical in New York City, they contacted me and they asked me if I was available for a couple dates. So we did four pop-up shows with Tidal, since Romeo is now with Rock Nation Latin. So we did one in New York. We did one in his high school. We did one in Miami and LA. We went to Dominican Republic, his hometown, and did one there. 

How did you first start collaborating with Romeo Santos?

First I got a call from one of my producers to call him about auditioning for Romeo then I got a call from my elementary school choir teacher that his friend was the Musical Director for Romeo Santos and was holding auditions for a female vocalist and he thought I’d be good for it. Long story short I went in auditioned and that evening they called me that I got the part. So I literally finished the musical [I Like It Like That] in New York on a Sunday and that Wednesday we started rehearsals for the pop-up shows. He was going on a promo tour for his new single Heroe Favorito.

It’s been a great learning experience working with him. He’s down to earth, has a great sense of humor, knows exactly what he wants, and works the crowd like no other.

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