Gisele Names Her Little Brady Benjamin!

Although Gisele Bündchen and hubby Tom Brady welcomed a baby boy almost two weeks ago, the couple was struggling to find a name that suited their new son perfectly. Apparently the couple had a name picked out for months before the baby was born, but a few weeks before the birth Gisele, 29, decided she didn't like it anymore. “It’s kind of back to the drawing board,” Tom, 32, said in an interview on WEEI Sports Radio last week. “We thought we had a name picked out for about six months and then about two days before he was born she said, ‘I don’t like that name anymore.’”

“She makes all these decisions,” Tom joked, adding, “I haven’t been home all week. We have about seven or eight choices. I have got to be home for more than just two-three hours so we can talk about it.” Brady was open to a traditional Brazilian name, with one caveat, “I certainly want a name that I can pronounce!” Well, he won't have to worry about complicated pronunciation because the supermodel took to her website over the weekend to announce that they had finally settled on a name. On her personal blog, she wrote:


I want to thank you all with all my heart for the immense love I have received here on the website. It is a pleasure to receive messages from each one of you here. I am living a very special moment in my life, Benjamin is a blessing and I could not be happier. I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and 2010 with lots of light!

Kisses, Gisele

So, there you have it. We can't wait to see the first photos of Benjamin Brady, with those super genes he's sure to be a cutie.