Gisele Heads to Brazil with Baby Benjamin for Twin Sisters Wedding

Gisele Bundchen is wasting no time introducing her three-month-old baby with NFL quarterback Tom Brady to his Brazilian heritage. Bundchen is headed down to to celebrate her twin sister Patricia Bundchen's wedding and is taking baby Benjamin with her!

Gisele was spotted this morning, traveling through Los Angeles International Airport and protectively clutching her son to her chest while en route to the South American country. Although her beau was nowhere in sight, Bundchen was more than prepared with a cavalry of bodyguards and nanny's in tow.

Gisele's twin sister Patricia, though not a world-famous supermodel, also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous in her own right and will be married to Rodrigo Pereira. It's going to be a cause for double celebration as Patricia weds and the Bundchen family gets their first peek at Benjamin, who was born on December 8th.