Is Gisele Bündchen Ready to Become Gisele Brady?

Gisele Bündchen's already got one New Year's resolution planned out for 2009: get hitched! According to In Touch, the 28-year-old Brazilian supermodel is planning to marry boyfriend and certified football hottie Tom Brady in Costa Rica next year. "There will be no engagement," the magazine's spy dishes. "Just a small wedding in mid-March."

Gisele and Tom's relationship started blooming almost two years ago, shortly after the NFL quarterback parted ways with his then-pregnant girlfriend, Bridget Moynihan. Prior to that, the supermodel was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, another genetic match made in heaven that lasted from 2001-2005.

If you'll recall, Gisele and Leo had plans to get married, but those didn't quite pan out. So maybe Gisele should wait it out a little longer before taking the plunge with Tom? After all, theirs doesn't exactly qualify as a long-term relationship...and Tom Brady might be on his team's injured list now because of his bum knee, but once he gets healthy, they're bound to be apart more than they will be together.

What do you think?