Gisele Bündchen is Flying High!

Looks like the skies are getting a little friendlier thanks to Gisele Bündchen! The 29-year-old supermodel recently passed the written exam for her pilot's license. "Gisele hasn't finished her license yet, but she did pass her written exam," says Keith Douglass, president of Shoreline Aviation. "Now, there's one more step along the way, she needs to take the practical test with the examiner in the helicopter, basically a check ride." Douglass tells E! "She's almost to that point."

All this while 8 months pregnant with NFL hubby Tom Brady's baby! We're definitely impressed. While Gisele looks just about ready to pop, Douglass assured the media that it is still safe for her to fly. "If you are comfortable and the doctor says it's OK, she can fly until the end of the pregnancy." But eventually, admits Douglass, the baby bump will get in the way, "She's almost to a point where she's too big to be flying. She needs to be able to move the rudder around and she's getting there."

Gisele is one badass mami-to-be and we love it!