20 Tweets That Prove Gina Rodriguez Is The Ultimate Self Love Guru

Gina Rodriguez is known for speaking her truth and spreading good vibes on social media. The Jane the Virgin star continues to use her platform to provide positivity, #lifegoal major keys, and self-love tips. 

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We have awarded the actress the title of Ultimate Self Love Guru we didn't know we needed in our lives. Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or just looking for more inspiration --  prepare to have a major mood shift after reading the tweets below. 

1. Pure Patience

2. Uplift Each Other

3. Be Fearless

4. Take Care of Thy Self

5. Be Kind

6. Giving More

7. Keeping It Real

8. Showing Love

9. Learning to Seek

10. Healing Healthy

11. Trying Again

12. Encouraging Followers

13. Connecting Cultured

14. Slaying Obstacles

15. Spreading Mindfullness

16. Being True

17. Keep Pushin'

18. Open-minded

19. Be the Artist

20. Here's the Truth