Gina Rodriguez Slams Hollywood for Lack of Representation at 2018 SAG Awards


Gina Rodriguez is known for speaking and she always stands for the Latino community.

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The Jane the Virgin star had a few words to say about the lack of Latino leads in the 2018 SAG awards.

The Golden Globe Award-Winning actress, who was standing next to co-star Yael Grobglas (Petra Solano) pointed out that "[Latinos and Latinas] do make 55 million plus in the country. No big deal. You should throw us in a movie or two. It would make sense. We do buy one in every four tickets, every single weekend, and make sure that your movies do well."

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The Boricua star might have jokingly mentioned all these facts but she was speaking nothing but the truth.

Check out the video below, and watch the Puerto Rican actress let Hollywood know what's up!