George Lopez Stands By BF Sandra Bullock Through Jesse James Scandal

Sandra Bullock has remained locked away from the prying press in her Hollywood Hills home since news broke of her (soon-to-be-ex, we hope) husband Jesse James's extramarital affairs with a variety of big breasted, tattooed strippers.

But one person has been able to get through to the actress and let the outside world know that she is OK. George Lopez, one of Bullock's best friends, has been a rock solid support to Oscar-winner since the drama all began a little over two weeks ago. The Lopez Tonight host has been seen visiting Bullock on more than one occasion and reassured her fans via the paparazzi gathered outside her home, "She's all right." After his first visit on the night of the Kids' Choice Awards (Bullock was nominated for Favorite Movie Actress) he told the photographers, "She's great. We love her. We all love her."

Bullock remained mum on the entire situation until yesterday when she addressed the latest rumors that Nazi-themed sex tapes may exist featuring James and possibly The Blind Side actress herself. Apparently, she was so appalled that she addressed the false gossip head on: "There is no sex tape," she said in a statement to People magazine, "There never has been one and there never will be one."

Lopez and Sandra have been close for ten years, and first met when she was the executive producer of his crazy successful sitcom The George Lopez Show. Lopez has been quoted in the past as saying that Bullock helped to take his career to the next level.

As a testament to the strength of their friendship, check out the hilarious video below of Sandra Bullock, in happier time, allowing George Lopez to give her a "chola makeover":