Que? George Lopez Mistaken For Housekeeper At NYC Hotel

Que? George Lopez Mistaken For Housekeeper At NYC Hotel

Sorry...but, what?

Famed comedian George Lopez has worked tirelessly the last several decades to make a name for himself. Unfortunately, that hustle didn't prevent the Mexican-American star from being mistaken for the hired help on a recent trip.

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When Lopez arranged to have a designer suit and shoes delivered to his room at the Dream Hotel in New York City last week, he received quite a shock in an awkward encounter with a hotel staffer. Apparently, they mistook Lopez, 53, for a housekeeper when they stopped by to deliver his outfit for the GQ Gentleman's Ball. 

The comedian seemed to be in good humor about the mistake. "I got a Dolce & Gabbana suit and $3,000 shoes, but the struggle will continue," he told the crowd at the ball that night. "Today, at Dream hotel in room 440, [I] had a Prada suit and sport coat, $10,000, delivered to me personally... I open the door, [and] he gave me the suit and said, 'You scared me. I thought you were housekeeping.'"

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The Dream Downtown had no comment about the incident.