George Lopez Raises Immigration Tensions in Recent Instagram Post

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George Lopez took to Instagram to offer President Donald Trump advice about how to keep America safe. 

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The Mexican-American comedian has never been one to hide his opinion—especially when it comes to the 45th president's immigration policies. Last Saturday, the 56-year-old posted a picture of himself alongside a caption that read: "The Trump Administration is Deporting Latinos to Make the Streets Safer." The caption also offered this proposal: "You Wanna Make the Streets Safer Deport the Police!" 



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Lopez believes there is a better way to keep the streets safe than to arrest hundreds of undocumented citizens who don't have criminal histories. Deportation been a hot topic these last few months and police brutality related to this issue has increased significantly since 2016. So who is to blame for all the violence in America? It is hard to say, but the 56-year-old does have a tongue-in-cheek solution. 

Lopez posted a picture of the British rock band The Police with another clever caption.



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"I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Comedy has a way of healing, but I also realize it can hurt too, so let's let cooler heads prevail," he said on IG.

Only time will tell what's in store for the future of our country.