George Lopez Disses Mario Lopez—How Should M. Lo Respond?

George Lopez delivered a blow to Mario Lopez's healthy ego yesterday, telling Fox News' "Pop Tarts" that he doesn't plan to invite the beefcake Extra host to be a guest on his new late night show when it premieres in the fall.

"I want my guests to be themselves," said the comedian. "If they’re not funny I’ll get rid of them. I only book funny people. Mario Lopez is not funny; people with those kind of muscles don’t belong on my show."

Oh, snap! You have to love George Lopez's brutal honesty, but since this was a totally unsolicited diss, we briefly considered feeling sorry for Mario...then we remembered that he just told the Daily News he uses body sculpting gel for his abs becuase "it makes you look more chiseled." Never mind!

As much as we'd love to see this escalate into a celebrity feud (G. Lo vs. M. Lo—it's on), we'd definitely be scared for Mario. Do you think he should respond to George Lopez's diss, or is he better off letting it go?