Exclusive: Genesis Rodriguez Talks 'Tusk' & Why She's "Really Pissed" at LeBron James

Exclusive: Genesis Rodriguez, “I’m Really Pissed at LeBron James!”
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Two things you need to know about Genesis Rodriguez: 1) She’s a rising Latina in Hollywood with an varied IMDB page which includes the Kevin Smith-directed Tusk and 2) She loves basketball more than your boyfriend. Here the bubbly Venezuelan and Cuban beauty discusses her cheating ways in Tusk, her odd sleeping habits and her extreme hatred for the way LeBron James abandoned her beloved hometown Miami Heat. We told you the girl loves her round ball.

In Tusk you’re a two-timing girlfriend.

Yes, I am. But then again my boyfriend (Justin Long) is a cheating boyfriend. So I’m getting back at him with his best friend (Haley Joel Osment)—it’s a tangled mess. I play Ally and she’s Justin’s girlfriend. Justin and Haley Joel Osment have a podcast about one guy who travels around the world, making fun of people, and telling his friends about it. He ended up taking a trip to Canada and he goes to this guy’s house in search of good stories and this old man is full of them. He’s sweet and nice. This man ends up drugging him, kidnapping him and turning him into a walrus.

I heard you read the script at night and couldn’t sleep.

It was awful. I became obsessed with the podcast and then I had Tusk on repeat, I had Walrus on repeat. I was writing emails at 5AM on how I need to be in this freakin’ movie. My message got forwarded to [director] Kevin Smith and I got the part!



Ok, so this is definitely a weird movie. What’s something about you that people might find weird?

Weird? That’s a good question, Jesus. Hmm…okay, this is pretty weird. You ready?


Every night I fall asleep watching The Office.

Because Steve Carrell’s voice is so soothing?

[Laughs] I don’t know. I guess it’s comforting to me. The Office came out in 2005 when I was still working in soap operas and I was in Colombia and that was the one thing that reminded me of home, the U.S. and being in my own room. I’m obsessed with The Office.

So you have this role in Tusk, you’re in the upcoming animated film, Big Hero 6, and you were in a comedy, Identity Thief. You’ve amassed quite a diverse resume. Which genre do you feel most comfortable doing?

It’s kind of funny that you mention that because that’s exactly what I’m going for—I’m trying to do a different role in every movie I take on. I try to keep it interesting for the audience and myself. I like to challenge myself. I admire careers like Dustin Hoffman who can do drama, comedy and everything. I’m not trying to get pigeonholed. As Latinas we’re so easily pigeonholed so my purpose is to do different roles every time out.

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