Frankie Delgado's NOT Dating Rihanna, Just Using Her for Publicity

When we heard the vicious rumors making their way around the web about Rihanna spending quality time with none other than our Reality TV Trainwreck Lazzie award recipient Frankie Delgado we were like, "Shut UP!"

It was hard to believe, and apparently for good reason, since it's not true. Delgado unequivocally denied the romance, telling that the pair are "just friends." When asked about why he thought the rumors had begun, Frankie said, "She's been out, hanging out, I guess. It's Hollywood, people talk a lot."

But friends of the singer suspect that Delgado himself is behind the leaks to the press about Rihanna's supposedly wild behavior and they are pissed off. Spies told Page Six, "Frankie is total bull[bleep] and is now using her to try
and get press on himself. He got her to come to Le Deux and then sold
her out so he could see his name in print. He even told people she was
dancing on tables—which is wrong."

Now, that story seems a whole lot more likely to us! Unless the world has seriously gone all "Disturbia," there's just no way we're buying this love connection.