J.Lo & Beyonce's Choreographer Thinks Your Abuela Should Learn Their Moves

Here's What J.Lo's Choreographer Really Thinks About Her Moves

We recently caught up with legendary choreographer Frank Gatson at Crunch Fitness for a dance class to promote his docu-reality series with Kelly Rowland, Chasing Destiny. Considering he's the mastermind behind videos like Beyonce's "Single Ladies," Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor," and Rihanna's "SOS," we figured we could learn a thing (or move) or two from Gatson. See what he had to say about what J.Lo's taught him in the studio and his dream collab between his favorite ladies, in this exclusive interview:

How do you make a club video a hit, choreography wise? 

I feel like you have to create a step that is easy enough for your grandma to do (and one she wants to do). 

What was the best part of working with Jennifer Lopez for her video “On the Floor?"

The fact that she was so chill and she trusted me to deliver. She was so supportive of my vision. 

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Has J.Lo ever taught you any moves?

Yes, she's taught me the fast foot work for Latin dancing. She's so great with that, like for her "Booty" performance at the AMAs when the guy dancers were taking pictures of her with the Samsung phones:

What's it like working with her in the studio?

The great thing about working with her is she is a professional and has studied dance in New York so she gets it. She understands rehearsal and the technique of dance and that's why she is incredible. Technique is important. You must know how to point your toes and you must know a good line. 

Does she have any specific rituals she follows when rehearsing for a video or a show?

Not really. When you are a professional dancer like her you just want to get it right doing it and you want the dancers to dance full out so it becomes fun and healthy competition. J.Lo just wants magical dancers around her. That makes you dance to your fullest potential. 

What are your favorite Latin dances?

Samba and foot work. 

How have you incorporated any into your choreography?

I always make male dancers think of a matador or a Spanish bull fighter when they dance. They have great power and grace when they are in the ring with the bull. 

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So, you just taught a Chasing Destiny dance class at Crunch today based on Kelly Rowland's new reality show in search of the next girl group — what do you think makes a girl group stand out?

I just saw Rihanna's show and I was so proud of her. I worked with Rihanna on her "SOS," "Unfaithful," and "Only Girl" videos and she was so honest on stage. It made me happy to see her growth on this Anti tour, so a girl group has to be honest on stage and they must rehearse. Her show explained to me what kind of girl group I want from Chasing Destiny.

Let’s talk about the fellas — which guys do you think have the best dance moves? 

Michael Jackson has taken all the great moves, hands down, but hopefully Kelly and I will have a second season of Chasing Destiny and I will show you some new guy moves because I know his formula and where he got his inspiration from. 

Who would you love to see J.Lo collaborate with in a video or dance routine at an awards show? 

I would like to see J.Lo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira, and Kelly Rowland collaborate in a dance routine choreographed by me and Paula Abdul. 

What dance songs are you obsessed with at the moment? 

Kelly Rowland's "Dumb" — the video is coming soon.