First Look: Penélope Cruz's Baby Bump?

Everyone seems downright convinced that Academy Award winning actress Penélope Cruz is preggos these days with a little Bardem bun in the oven.

We want these rumors to be true as much as the next person, which is why we were shocked to see Ms. Cruz out and about on the beach in Anguilla, looking, well, like a totally normal person. Which of course means she had the teeniest little whisper of a bump around that all important tummy area.

This would not send us shouting from the rooftops regularly, but even the faint suggestion of a tummy bump is anything but "normal" for the incredibly svelte actress. On the other hand, we're not really sure she looks four months pregnant as secret sources had claimed just a few short weeks ago!

Help us out here chicas. Do you think Penélope is keeping a big baby secret?